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No thread sealants, no tapes, no hand tightening - Just PUSH to connect.
Improve your productivity by simplifying workflows and reducing operating times.

View our video to learn how easy it is to get a leak-tight, reliable, save and instant connection to threaded ports, tubes, etc. with WEH® Connectors.


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WEH Technologies Inc. Katy, TX offers a wide range of standard and customer-tailored WEH® Instant Connector Solutions for leak, function and pressure testing, filling and plugging. Wherever media lines for air, gases, fluids or hydraulics have to be connected repeatedly, the patented WEH® Connector is the right industrial tool. Equipped with the Original WEH® jaw locking mechanism, you get instant connection to your test port.

WEH – The specialist in connection technology for more than 30 years.
A wide spread of customized solutions prove our know-how .
We solve your connection challenges, too!
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All original patented WEH® products now available directly in North America
by WEH Technologies Inc. in Katy, Texas.

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ACT Expo 2014

Unique WEH® Pistol-grip nozzle displayed at ACT Expo 2014.

First Pistol-Grip Nozzle for CNG Refueling of cars

Safety, quality and ease of use for your CNG Fueling Station for light-duty vehicles.

Repeatable connections in seconds for cylinder filling applications

No twisting, no tapes, no thread sealants to connect to your CGA gas cylinder thread.

AHR Expo 2014 - Trade fair in New York

WEH Technologies Inc. participated in AHR Expo 2014 in New York as an exhibitor.