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WEH® CNG Fueling Solutions WEH offers components for alternative fueling applications (CNG vehicles and CNG dispensing systems):
- High-flow self-service filling nozzles (type 1 nozzles, type 2 nozzles, type 3 nozzles, NGV1 nozzles, NZ nozzles, GOST nozzles) for time-fill, fast-fill and high-flow applications
- Brreakaways (inline breakaways and for direct installation at the dispenser) - Receptacles for CNG refueling of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles - Pressure ratings: B200 ( 200 bar ) acc. to ISO 14469-1 / P30 acc. to ANSI NGV1; B250 ( 250 bar )acc. to ISO 14469-3 / P36 acc. to ANSI NGV1

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