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Safe oxygen filling in seconds

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, demand for medical oxygen has dramatically increased, as it is used for the ventilation of COVID-19 patients with severe respiratory distress. The WEH® TW152 connector has proved to be an ideal tool for the quick and safe filling of medical oxygen.


The first single-handed WEH® Fueling Nozzles for H2 buses and trucks

From now on, the hydrogen buses and trucks can be conveniently refueled with just one hand – using the new WEH® Fueling Nozzles TK17H2 35 MPa High-Flow with single-handed operation. These fueling nozzles have the same tried and tested characteristics as the already familiar WEH® TK17 Fueling Nozzles for cars, and are available with or without an exchangeable nozzle receiver (ENR).


The perfect connection for automated leak testing

Increasing automation with simultaneous quality improvements are requirements that must be satisfied, particularly in mass production. Continuous improvement processes within the framework of quality management are therefore essential for meeting current quality standards and making them more efficient.


WEH® H2 Components Conquer Materials-Handling Technology

Vehicles that do not produce emissions such as CO2, carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxides, but rather water vapour and heat as a waste product, and can also be refueled in just three minutes – sounds like the science of tomorrow! These are the advantages of the fuel cell technology of today, however.


WEH® TW111 Service Connector – a real climate protector

The Connectool 111 Service Connector (also known as WEH® TW111) has shown itself to be an irreplaceable assistant for over 20 years in refilling refrigerants, with a design certified as environmentally friendly. It reduces refrigerant leakage out into the atmosphere to a minimum. That’s real climate protection!

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