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AHR 2020 Orlando | Refrigerant filling made easy - Just PUSH to connect

WEH Technologies Inc. introduced its unique product range of HVAC-R Connectors for filling, evacuating and testing from 3 to 5 February 2020 at the AHR Expo in Orlando.


WEH® TW111 Service Connector – a real climate protector

The Connectool 111 Service Connector (also known as WEH® TW111) has shown itself to be an irreplaceable assistant for over 20 years in refilling refrigerants, with a design certified as environmentally friendly. It reduces refrigerant leakage out into the atmosphere to a minimum. That’s real climate protection!


WEH® Test Connectors | The pioneering solution for battery tests

The fast-growing electromobility market is set to place major new demands simultaneously on the leak testing of batteries. WEH® Test Connectors are well able to face this challenge, having proved themselves already to be the ideal tool for efficient and cost-effective leak testing.


Fast & Easy Pressure Testing of Tubes - Sealing external diameters

Wherever straight tubes and bores have to be leak, pressure or vacuum tested, WEH® Connectors are the perfect tool. WEH® Test Connectors reliably seals external tubes – of both small and large diameter.


WEH® Breakaway Couplings | For increased safety during CNG refueling

Thanks to the continuous extension of the CNG filling station network for self-service operation, refueling with natural gas is enjoying increasing acceptance.
The requirements demanded of components for CNG filling stations are very stringent in terms of safety, reliability and functionality.

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