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WEH® Breakaway Couplings | For increased safety during CNG refueling

Thanks to the continuous extension of the CNG filling station network for self-service operation, refueling with natural gas is enjoying increasing acceptance.
The requirements demanded of components for CNG filling stations are very stringent in terms of safety, reliability and functionality.


Fast & Easy Pressure Testing of Tubes | Sealing internal diameters

Wherever straight tubes and bores have to be leak, pressure or vacuum tested, WEH® Connectors are the perfect tool. WEH® Test Connectors reliably seal internal tubes - of both small and large diameter.


WEH® Test Connectors for industrial pneumatics

Pneumatic leak tests are the method of choice in many industries and must be quick, reliable and of course leak-free. WEH® Test Connectors are the perfect tool. The device is attached in seconds to the component to be tested, without any need for time-consuming screw connections. The use of WEH® Test Connectors makes additional sealing components redundant.


Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing – Sponsored by WEH

The Forze racing team, consisting of students of the Dutch University of Delft, is currently developing the eighth generation of a racing car powered by fuel cells. The team was established 11 years ago to make a positive contribution to sustainability in the mobility industry and to promote future-oriented motorsports.As a pioneer and global market leader in the area of alternative fuelling components, WEH is committed to supporting the Forze project as a sponsor.


WEH® Fueling Nozzle TK17 H2 70 MPa ENR with new features

With its unparalleled product solutions, WEH always strives to address the latest trends and market requirements. This is why the market-proven WEH® Fueling Nozzle TK17 H2 70 MPa ENR for fueling fuel cell passenger cars has been equipped with a number of new features.

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