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WEH® H2 Components Conquer Materials-Handling Technology

Vehicles that do not produce emissions such as CO2, carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxides, but rather water vapour and heat as a waste product, and can also be refueled in just three minutes – sounds like the science of tomorrow! These are the advantages of the fuel cell technology of today, however.


That is why it is seen as a key technology for an emission-free future, and it comes as no surprise that the “cold combustion” of fuel cells is also increasingly being used in materials-handling technology.
Hydrogen-powered industrial trucks such as forklift trucks, tugger trains, etc. are already in use around the world today and play an increasingly important role in logistics, including reducing the CO2 footprint of company fleets.
Aside from clean and highly efficient multi-shift operation and improved working conditions, these emission-free “workhorses” offer a whole host of other benefits.

© BMW Group – Refueling a hydrogen-powered tugger train with the WEH® TK16 H2 35 MPa

Unlike purely battery-operated industrial trucks, the hydrogen-powered counterparts boast significantly longer operating times.
There’s also no need for time-consuming battery changes, battery charging stations or battery storage rooms.
Fuel cells are quickly and easily refilled at the hydrogen filling station.

This is where the WEH® Fueling nozzle TK16 H2 35 MPa comes into play – the perfect product for rapid refueling.
The H2 forklift truck is equipped with the corresponding WEH® Receptacle TN1 H2 35 MPa. The integrated swivel joint directly on the actuation lever enables the fueling nozzle to be moved into the optimum connection position and simply plugged onto the receptacle. A pressure-tight connection is established by actuating the lever, and the fueling process can begin.

© BMW Group

Once refueled, the fuel cell converts the hydrogen into electrical energy directly in the forklift truck. This is then used by the environmentally friendly drive system to propel the vehicle and to power its hydraulics.

Of course, WEH also offers a whole range of other hydrogen refueling components both for fueling stations and vehicles. These include breakaways, filters and check valves in various pressure ranges up to 10,000 psi (700 bar).


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