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Can’t find a standard solution for your application? No problem! - High-performance check valves for all applications

High-performance check valves from WEH are an essential component everywhere media need to be transported by pipeline in one direction only. In such applications, finding the right standard solution can often pose a real challenge.


One of the strengths of WEH is precisely its ability to deal with applications for which no standard valve is available. WEH’s long years of experience allows us to help you find the solution that works for even the most challenging and difficult applications. Over the years we have developed a myriad of customised solutions in close collaboration with our customers.

A couple of examples of our solutions:

  • Cartridge check valves for fuel infeed into gas turbines
  • Screw-in valves for integration into pumps and compressors
  • Mini check valves for applications in the field of water treatment

WEH® Check valves are used in a wide variety of sectors. They are particularly important in general mechanical engineering involving CNC and plant manufacturing and in microwave systems, but are also used by pump and compressor manufacturers and in water treatment plants.
Aside from these areas, WEH® Check valves are also used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, medical technology (including autoclaves) and even in the automotive sector (in diesel exhaust fluid applications - AdBlue®).

Made of high-quality stainless steel, WEH® Check valves are unique in their high level of compatibility with media, resistance to corrosion and long service life.
For this reason, they can be used with the widest possible range of media, in both liquid and gaseous form, including industrial gases, oxygen, hydrogen and natural gas, but also for rare specialist mixes of media and aggressively corrosive substances (e.g. acids, solvents and the widest possible variety of chemicals).

Aside from check valves with threaded connections, there are also versions with double ferrule fittings, screw-in threads, flanges, hose nozzle, pipe sockets or customised cartridge check valves. The widest possible range of connection combinations can be manufactured in whatever quantities are required.

Such connections can deal with operating pressures of up to 1000 bar and cracking pressures from 0.01 bar and temperatures from -40 °C to +300 °C with ease.

Naturally, WEH also provides a broad range of high-performance check valves as standard. WEH® TVR2 High-performance check valves are available as standard with the widest possible combination of port configurations. Their unique feature is their extremely leak tight seal even at very high flow rates as well as their extremely silent operation. These features make them ideal for use in applications involving fluid and gaseous media.
In addition, check valves in steel and brass are also available in our range.


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