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WEH® Leak Test Connectors displayed at Automotive Testing 2017 in Novi

WEH Technologies Inc. introduced its unique connection solutions at Automotive Testing Expo 2017 in Novi.


Fast & Easy Leak Testing of Expanded Tubes

It can be a common problem when leak testing components that the connection between test piece and connector is not leak-tight. The resulting downtime increases operating costs by slowing down production.


Testing large tube diameters in seconds

Leak testing of straight tubes with a large tube diameter constitutes a particular challenge. Finding the right test connector ensuring a quick & easy leak-tight seal is not easy.


Fast & Easy Pressure Testing of Tubes - Sealing external diameters

Wherever straight tubes and bores have to be leak, pressure or vacuum tested, WEH® Connectors are the perfect tool. WEH® Test Connectors reliably seal external tubes – of both small and large diameter.


WEH presents HVAC-R Filling & Testing Connectors at the AHR Expo 2016 in Orlando

Innovative & High-Quality Connector Technology Made in Germany well received by attendees

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