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The first single-handed WEH® Fueling Nozzles for H2 buses and trucks

From now on, the hydrogen buses and trucks can be conveniently refueled with just one hand – using the new WEH® Fueling Nozzles TK17H2 35 MPa High-Flow with single-handed operation. These fueling nozzles have the same tried and tested characteristics as the already familiar WEH® TK17 Fueling Nozzles for cars, and are available with or without an exchangeable nozzle receiver (ENR).

They are virtually indistinguishable from traditional petrol pump nozzles visually and in terms of their operation. In effect, buses and trucks can now be refueled conveniently with just one hand. Simply remove the fueling nozzle from the dispenser mounting and place it on the vehicle's receptacle. The integrated swivel joint allows a free rotation of the coupling by approx. 250°. The refueling process is initiated when the actuation lever is engaged. The hand grip features a magnet to disengage the dispenser lock.

The internal coding for pressure range and gas type ensures that the TK17 H2 35 MPa High-Flow and TK17 H2 35 MPa ENR High-Flow can only be connected to the compatible WEH® TN1 H2 High-Flow Receptacle and also prevents the risk of confusion with natural gas.

The WEH® Fueling Nozzle TK17 H2 35 MPa ENR High-Flow comes additionally equipped with an exchangeable nozzle receiver. It can be replaced on site in case of damage or functional issues, which reduces repair costs and downtimes.
The purging function simplifies the detachment of the fueling nozzle from the receptacle in unfavourable weather conditions. The fueling nozzle can now be purged with nitrogen during and after the fueling process. The process prevents the penetration of moisture and the formation of ice crystals.

The new WEH® Fueling Nozzles with single-handed operation for buses and trucks optimally address the user‘s needs, making hydrogen refueling instantly competitive with conventional petrol or diesel refueling.

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