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WEH® TW111 Service Connector – a real climate protector

The Connectool 111 Service Connector (also known as WEH® TW111) has shown itself to be an irreplaceable assistant for over 20 years in refilling refrigerants, with a design certified as environmentally friendly. It reduces refrigerant leakage out into the atmosphere to a minimum. That’s real climate protection!


Climate protection is now a hotter topic than it has ever been. Climate protection movements and the global discussion on climate change have made the struggle against global warming a topic of conversation everywhere. All the more important then to take the action required to combat the changes that are driving this global warming.

It is an important part of WEH’s corporate philosophy and a fundamental responsibility to develop and manufacture innovative products that actively contribute towards protecting the environment. Working according to our motto that “what we do today will shape the world of tomorrow,” we have integrated the principles of sustainable industry into all areas of work in our company.

With the Connectool 111 Service Connector (also known as WEH® TW111) for filling and evacuating refrigerants when servicing industrial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, WEH has been supplying its customers with a real climate protector – for over twenty years now.
Way back when the WEH® TW111 was launched on he market twenty years ago, its benefits to the environment were certified by an expert opinion by the Forschungszentrum für Kältetechnik und Wärmepumpen (the German centre for refrigeration technologies and heat pumps).

WEH® TW111 Service Connector for filling and evacuating refrigerants

The shut-off valve integrated into the connectors reduces emissions of refrigerant by up to 99%. When the connector is released, only the small amount of residues left between the check device in the Schrader valve (on the air conditioning system side of the connection) and the shut-off valve (on the connector side) can escape. The residues left behind in the filling hose are not lost. At the same time, the system protects the user’s hands from painful freezing and burns.

But the WEH® Service Connector also provides many other additional benefits.Fitted with the WEH® Jaw Locking Mechanism, the product closes around the “Schrader valve” in seconds in conformity with the SAE J513 standard.There is no need to laboriously screw the connector on and off. Simply place the connector over the Schrader valve and push the sliding sleeve forwards. A safe and pressure-tight connection is thus established, and the filling operation can begin. The TW111 also impresses with its compact outer diameter of 25 mm, which allows easy connection even if the available space is limited.

The end result is that using the TW111 not only saves you money and prevents the long term loss caused by the ongoing loss of refrigerant, it also makes a significant contribution towards environmental protection and workplace safety.


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