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Quick Connectors for automated leak testing

Automated Leak Testing: Simple & Efficient

To mass produce without cutting corners you need reliable, rapid and trusted quality control solutions. For this reason, leading producers now recognize the importance of automated leak testing - the most efficient method for producing high quantities without leakages.

WEH Test connectors are your ideal automated leak testing solution. Enjoy:

  • Safe, pressure-tight connections in seconds
  • Simple set-up for rapid connections
  • Increased productivity = Lower costs
  • Direct connections (say ‘Goodbye’ to the days of tightening by hand)

Looking to learn more?Get in touch with one of our WEH experts directly.

Typical applications for industrial pneumatics and automation technology include Pneumatic leakage testing, Pressure testing, Functional testing & Vacuum testing for: Automotive components, Cooling water connections, Radiators, Fuel pumps, Gas fittings, Diesel pumps, Pressure gauges, Bath fittings, Heat plugs, Plastic hose fittings, Dynamic pressure measurements on tubular reactors and Robotics applications.

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