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HVAC-R - Quick Couplings for refrigerant charging & tube testing

Refrigerant Filling / Evacuation & HVAC-R Component Testing Made Easy

Connect in just seconds to Schrader valves, female & male threads, straight & expanded tubes and bores – no hand tightening required! Improve refrigerant processing speed and HVAC-R component testing with WEH Quick Connects / Disconnects.

The WEH range of manual and pneumatic quick couplers is ideally suited for evacuation, charge and fill applications as well as for component testing of service valves, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, coils, tubing, etc.

Benefit from WEH’s value-added features:

  • Reclamation of residual refrigerant!
  • Enhanced safety!
  • Increased productivity – Reduction of costs – Protection of operators’ joints from RSI
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Efficient process control, increased quality and reduced costs with WEH® Refrigerant Charging Tools
Wherever refrigerants have to be filled, evacuated or recharged the WEH quick couplers are the ideal tool / service coupling. They easily connect to Schrader valves and tube connections within seconds with no need to hand tighten, using thread sealants or wrenches. A large range of quick connects and quick disconnects for connection to high side & low side process fittings is available for filling / charging during production of refrigerators and air conditioners and also for refilling during maintenance and servicing of AC components. They feature high-flow characteristics, reduce maintenance costs and make refrigerant processing even easier. Our quick couplers will empower operators, maintenance and quality engineers to become more efficient and productive.

Improved HVAC-R Component Testing
WEH Quick connectors are ideally suited for leak, pressure, function and water dunk testing of straight tubes / expanded tubes, and for low pressure / high pressure applications. WEH’s line of test tools brings more productivity and quality advancements to your manufacturing process by providing instant connections to: evaporator coils, condenser coils, service valves, heat exchangers, compressors, pressure vessels and a wide variety of other HVAC systems.

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