WEH® Connector TW42 for filling medical oxygen cylinders with Pin-Index system - Product family

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  • WEH® TW42 | Function
    WEH® TW42 | Function
    The WEH® quick connect TW42 is an easy-to-operate yoke connector. Only place the quick release coupling over the CGA 870 cylinder valve. Align the index pins with the counter bores and move the clamping lever upwards. The pressure-tight connection is established.
WEH® Connector TW42 for filling medical oxygen cylinders with Pin-Index system - Product family The WEH® TW42 filling connector has been specially developed for filling of gas cylinders using a pin-index system with medical oxygen. It is designed for a nominal pressure of 3,600 psi (200 bar) and available for residual and non-residual pressure valves. For gas cylinders with residual pressure valve, the CGA 870 connector is also fitted with an RPV pin to open the residual pressure valve.

Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and brass, the filling connector is extremely robust and durable. Its weight of only 700 g makes it very easy to handle.

With its bracket housing, which opens from the side, the quick connector is easy to connect to its cylinder valve. Simply place the connector around the cylinder valve so that the coding pin is positioned opposite the bore holes on the cylinder valve and actuate the clamping lever. The pressure-tight connection has now been established, with no need for laborious screwing and unscrewing. This also allows connection to the cylinder valve using a large handwheel with a manometer positioned at its side.

The pressure-assisted piston ensures a secure connection, as it is not possible to remove the filling connector while it is under pressure. This ensures the highest possible level of safety for the operator.

Save time and increase your productivity by using this unique pin-index connector. It is available for gas cylinder valves conforming to CGA 870, and for other valves upon request. All connectors are oxygen cleaned, and are free of oils and greases (oxygen tested).
Technical Data
Nominal pressure PN 3,000 psi (200 bar)
Max. allowable operating pressure PS 3,600 psi (250 bar)
Test pressure PT 5,440 psi (375 bar)
Temperature range +41 °F up to +140 °F (O₂)
Medium Medical oxygen (others on request)
Actuation Manual actuation via clamping lever
Design With or without RPV pin
Material Corrosion resistant stainless steel and brass
Sealing material EPDM
Conformity / Tests / Approvals Adiabatic ignition test available
  • For Pin-Index connections acc. to CGA 870
    (others on request)
  • Version for residual pressure valves or non-residual pressure valves available
  • Super light -> only 700 grams
  • Open bow body for connection in seconds
  • Pressure-assisted piston prevents accidental disconnection under pressure
  • High-grade materials
Quick Connector for filling of gas cylinders with Pin-Index system (with or without a residual pressure valve).


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Fast fill connection for medical oxygen cylinders with Pin-Index System - WEH® TW42

For fast & easy connections for medical oxygen filling applications WEH offers the clamping lever actuated quick coupling TW42. It is the ideal fitting of high pressure filling of CGA 870 gas cylinders with medical oxygen. They offer quick connect and quick disconnect. Just push to connect – no twist, no turn. Mainly used for filling of gas cylinders with Pin-Index Systems. The quick release coupling is available with or without RPV-Pin.