WEH® Connector TW52 for non-residual pressure valves with male thread G1/2", CO2 / refrigerants, grip sleeve actuation, max. 3,600 psi

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  • WEH® TW52 | CO2 High Pressure Quick Connect
    WEH® TW52 | CO2 High Pressure Quick Connect
    The WEH® Gas Filling Connector TW52 (with or without a residual pressure valve) has been developed especially for filling gas cylinders with gaseous or liquid CO2 or refrigerants. Connection to the cylinder is made within seconds without tedious screwing and unscrewing, thus preventing RSI resulting in the inflammation of tendons and abrasion of joints. This quick coupling is available for gas cylinder valves acc. to DIN, BS, NG, CGA, etc.
WEH® Connector TW52 for non-residual pressure valves with male thread G1/2", CO2 / refrigerants, grip sleeve actuation, max. 3,600 psi Even smarter CO2 filling using the WEH® TW52 filling connector.
Specially developed for filling CO2, it works with the medium in either gaseous or liquid state. But it can also be used without problems for filling refrigerants.

The connector is designed for a pressure range of max. 3,600 psi (250 bar), suitable for residual and non-residual pressure valves and available for male threads following various national standards: e.g. DIN, CGA, BS, NF, etc.

It adapts to cylinders in seconds – with absolutely no need for screwing.
Simply pull back the filling connector’s grip sleeve and place the connector onto the male thread of the cylinder valve until it locks into place. The WEH® jaws grip onto the cylinder thread, ensuring a pressure-tight connection. Chronic problems like wear on joints are now a thing of the past.

The filling connector is particularly suitable for filling 1-litre cylinders: such as soda cylinders, etc. for example.

Optionally, the quick connector is also available with the TVCO2 linear valve. This makes it particularly environmentally friendly, as the valve makes it possible for residual gas to be bled out and disposed of in a controlled manner, as well as allowing the filling procedure to be controlled and, if necessary, stopped.
Technical Data
Max. allowable operating pressure PS 250 bar (3,600 psi)
150 bar (2,175 psi) (TW52 with TVCO₂ linear valve)
Temperature range -40 °F up to max. +104 °F (CO₂)
Connects to G1/2" male thread
Media inlet G1/4" female thread
Actuation Manual actuation via grip sleeve
Design Without RPV pin
Material Corrosion resistant stainless steel and brass
Sealing material Polyurethane
  • Suitable for filling of CO₂ or refrigerants
  • Connection in seconds - Just PUSH to connect
  • No tapes, no thread sealants, no hand tightening required
  • High safety due to pressure-assisted piston
  • Unique WEH® Jaw Locking Mechanism
  • High-grade materials
Quick Connector for filling and evacuating of gas cylinders with male thread (without a residual pressure valve) with CO₂ or refrigerants.


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High pressure fill coupling for CO2 / refrigerants - WEH® TW52

The manually actuated quick coupling TW52 is the ideal fitting for high pressure CO2 filling of gas cylinders up to max. 200 bar. The quick coupler connects instantly to your non-residual gas cylinder valve with male thread. They offer quick connect and quick disconnect thanks to the WEH® Jaw Locking Mechanism and the easy to operate grip sleeve. Just push to connect. The TW52 quick release coupling is available for a large variety of national standards (DIN, CGA, BS, NF).