WEH® Receptacle TN1 CNG for refueling of cars - Series

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  • WEH® TN1 CNG | Receptacle for refueling of cars with CNG
    WEH® TN1 CNG | Receptacle for refueling of cars with CNG
    The WEH® TN1 CNG receptacle is designed for refueling of cars with CNG and is compatible with fueling nozzles according to NGV1 and ISO 14469-1 and ISO 14469-3. The NGV receptacle has high flow capacity enabling quick-fill of automobiles, light trucks, vans and shuttle buses and features low-noise refueling. The 40 micron particle filter separates dirt particles from the gas flow making it free from impurities. A protection cap prevents dirt ingress. You choose between CNG receptacles with or without filter, and versions with tube fitting or internal thread. All receptacles have ECE approval.
WEH® Receptacle TN1 CNG for refueling of cars - Series The WEH® TN1 CNG receptacle is designed specifically for car refueling. Due to the internal aerodynamic design the TN1 CNG receptacle gives low noise (no high frequency whistle) combined with maximum flow rate and fast filling.

The receptacle is a very durable unit, minimizing maintenance and down-time. The TN1 CNG also has an integrated check valve system which is designed to minimize the effect that dirt particles have on the sealing components within the receptacle.

The TN1 CNG receptacle is equipped with a coding for pressure range and gas type.

The WEH® TN1 CNG receptacle works best with WEH® Fuelling nozzles. We recommend the fuelling nozzles type TK17 CNG, TK16 CNG, TK10 CNG, TK1 CNG and TK4 CNG.

Enhanced safety by integrating a dirt particle filter
Using an integrated particle filter avoids dirt ingress and therefore leakage from the receptacle which gives enhanced safety and reliability - essential features for the volatile nature of CNG products.
Technical Data
Nominal bore DN Acc. to design
Pressure range PN = 3,000 psi (200 bar) | PS = 3,770 psi | PT = 5,655 psi (ECE)
PN = 3,600 psi (250 bar) | PS = 315 bar | PT = 475 bar (PED)
Temperature Range -40 °F up to max. +248 °F
Material Corrosion resistant
Sealing material Natural gas compatible
Design With protection cap, integrated particle filter (40 micron)
and fittings (only for receptacles with tube fitting)
Registration ECE R110
PED 2014/68/EU
  • Compatible with fueling nozzles acc. to NGV1 standard and ISO 14469-1 and 3
  • Low-noise refuelling
  • Integrated self-cleaning particle filter (40 micron)
  • Integrated high-flow check valve
  • Sealing-friendly design
  • Coding for pressure range / gas type
Receptacle for refueling of cars with CNG to be used with WEH® fueling nozzles acc. to NGV1 Standard and ISO 14469-1 and 3. Only use receptacles with ECE approval for fitment in vehicles!


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CNG Fuelling Receptacles for fast fill of cars – WEH TN1 CNG

WEH high-flow receptacles are ECE certified and ideally suited for use in light and medium storage vehicles, as for example automobiles, shuttle buses, vans and light trucks. The fill receptacles are rated for pressures of 200 bar (P30 - 3000 psi) and 300 bar (P36 - 3600 psi) and compatible to NGV1 fill nozzles. They comply with ISO 14469 / ANSI NGV1.

They are available with hex or wrench flat fittings, bulkhead nut or external thread. (Tube Ø 6 mm, 1/4" – 1/2“), Welding connection or internal thread (G1/2“, UNF 9/16“-18).

Additional filters protect the downstream components from dirt particles in the gas flow. A dust cap protects the receptacle when not in use.

Automotive manufacturers world-wide rely on WEH CNG receptacles. Field-proven for decades they offer superior benefits:
  • Increased longevity
  • Superior flow characteristics – short filling times
  • Low-noise refuelling