WEH® Screw-in Valve TVR400, stainless steel - Series

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  • Soft-sealing WEH® Screw-in valves
    Soft-sealing WEH® Screw-in valves
    Their compact design means that the check valves take up very little space and are thus very cost-effective. Manufactured from high-quality materials and 'Made in Germany', the check valves are very durable and robust, making them ideal for industrial use in machinery and plant construction.
WEH® Screw-in Valve TVR400, stainless steel - Series

The screw-in valves of the WEH® TVR400 series are mechanical shut-off valves which allow the media to flow in the direction of screw rotation and which shut off the flow of the media in the other direction.

Their compact design means that they only take up a small amount of space and are thus very cost-effective. The series thus combines maximum flow rates in tight installation spaces with a robust design. Unlike valve seats with metallic sealing, the TVR400 valves have a soft seal. They are sealed by means of a spring-loaded sealing cone with an O-ring. The WEH® valves therefore excel by a high degree of leak tightness, combined with a high flow rate. For this reason, they are ideal for applications where a low leakage rate is required, for example in gas applications or hydraulic controllers.

Simply screw the WEH® screw-in valves into internally threaded bores using an Allen key. The TVR400 valves are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them very durable and wear-resistant. They are also particularly low-noise in operation.

WEH® TVR400 screw-in valves are fitted with a seal made of FKM. Other sealing materials are available on request. It is the customer’s responsibility to clarify media compatibility.

Technical Data
Nominal bore DN Acc. to design
Max. allowable operating pressure PS 3,600 psi (250 bar)
Cracking pressure PC 0.5 bar ± 0.2 bar
Temperature range -20 °C up to max. +200 °C
Material Stainless steel
Spring material Stainless steel
  • Soft-sealing -> high leak tightness, low leakage
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Flow in direction of screw rotation
  • Use in high temperature ranges
    and for pressure peaks up to 250 bar
  • High flow rate
  • Easy installation
Screw-in valves with flow in the direction of screw rotation for hydraulic and pneumatic applications in plant and machinery construction, in the medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in material handling sectors.


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